Squirrels Making Your Home Their Home? What You Should Do

Squirrels are curious animals that will get into anything to get the food they need to survive. They will hide their food stores anywhere they feel their food is safe as well. If the local squirrels have decided that your home is the ideal place to find and store their food, then you need to take some action in order to get rid of these pests. Squirrels can cause a lot of damage to your home if you allow them to stay at your home. Read More 

3 Signs You Have Termites

You look at your house and see a safe, sturdy structure where you can be warm and happy. Termites look at your house and think of an all-you-can-eat buffet. Just like your house is a safe place for you, it can also be a safe place for termites, because they can create a nest in your house and there isn't anything inside your house that generally predates on termites. Insects can cause a lot of damage to your house, so knowing some signs that you have termites in your house can get you help sooner rather than later. Read More 

Tips For Sod Webworm Pest Control When The Pests Make Brown Spots On Your Lawn

If your grass has brown spots, especially toward the end of summer, the problem might be sod webworms. In addition to brown spots, you might see webbing or moths flying over the surface of the grass in the evening. Sod webworms can be problems in the spring and early summer too, but they seem to be worse as summer wears on. Here's a look at sod webworm pest control measures that help you eliminate these pests in your grass. Read More 

Keeping Bedbugs Out Of Your Home After Experiencing An Outbreak Elsewhere

If you decide to travel and need to sleep in a bed other than your own, and you discover that bedbugs were present during your stay, you are likely to be worried about bringing them home with you. Bedbugs are extremely difficult to eradicate once they make their way into a home. Here are steps to take to ensure your home does not become infested with bedbugs if you believe you had been exposed to them while traveling. Read More 

Getting A Skunk To Vacate Your Porch Area

If you have noticed a skunk near your porch, and you have a spot underneath your porch that you suspect the animal is using as a home, you will want to take action to rid the area of the creature so you do not become sprayed and so property damage does not occur. Here are some steps to follow in an attempt to get the skunk to move on to a new location. Read More