Squirrels Making Your Home Their Home? What You Should Do

Squirrels are curious animals that will get into anything to get the food they need to survive. They will hide their food stores anywhere they feel their food is safe as well. If the local squirrels have decided that your home is the ideal place to find and store their food, then you need to take some action in order to get rid of these pests. Squirrels can cause a lot of damage to your home if you allow them to stay at your home. Read on for tips to help you get rid of these pests.

Remove The Food Source 

Figure out what these pests are eating, then get rid of the food sources altogether. If they are finding food inside your home, you need to get rid of the food. If they are finding external food sources, such as nuts from a local tree, you may not be able to remove the tree from your yard, but you may be able to get rid of the nuts that are found on the ground. Clean up the landscaping beneath the tree to remove as much of the food source as you can. If these pests are eating something else in or around your home, remove that food source. If they aren't finding easy access to food at your home, they may leave on their own.

Repair The Entrance

Repair the entrance these pests are using to get into your home. If they have chewed through your home in order to get inside, you need to make repairs to your home to repair any holes they have made. Replace chewed-up siding, or repair holes using metal sheeting that they won't easily be able to get through. If they are gaining access to your home via a fence or a low-hanging limb from a tree, you should remove these as well to prevent the pests from easily getting up and into your home.

Hire An Exterminator

Hire an exterminator to remove these pests from your home safely and properly. If they are not removed properly, they may end up coming right back to your home. If they have babies in the nest they created in your home, they are going to want to return, so the entire family of squirrels will need to be removed, and handling them yourself is not a good idea. They can bite you and cause injury to you, not to mention they could also carry disease.

If you have squirrels in your home, you need to hire a professional to get rid of them for you and prevent them from returning.

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