3 Signs You Have Termites

You look at your house and see a safe, sturdy structure where you can be warm and happy. Termites look at your house and think of an all-you-can-eat buffet. Just like your house is a safe place for you, it can also be a safe place for termites, because they can create a nest in your house and there isn't anything inside your house that generally predates on termites. Insects can cause a lot of damage to your house, so knowing some signs that you have termites in your house can get you help sooner rather than later. So, what are some signs to keep your eyes out for?


In general, termites don't have wings. But there is one specific time when they do have wings and fly. When a new queen goes out to start a nest, she and all the termites who follow her have wings. When they land somewhere to start a new nest, they shed all those wings. You might miss one or two wings, but the termites are going to lose their wings in the same general area, so you might see piles of wings. They will be clear, and they may reflect light that will catch your eye, making it easier for you to see them. 

Doors Not Opening/Closing

Another sign that you might have termites is that your doors aren't hanging correctly, and won't stay open or won't stay closed. The reason that this happens is that the termites have been munching on the wood around your doorframe, making it just enough off balance to have issues with opening and closing. 


Frass is a fancy way to say insect droppings. Termites don't want to leave their frass in their nests, so they will push it out through the tunnels and out of the nest altogether. That means that you are going to see piles of frass randomly laying around next to your baseboards. You should be looking for small piles that look like sawdust or salt and pepper. One good way to tell if it is frass or something else is to clean it up, mark where it was, and then check back a day or two later to see if the pile is back. 

If you think that you have termites, you need to contact an exterminator and arrange for an appointment as soon as possible. The quicker you can get your house and yard treated, the less expensive it is going to be for you. 

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