Keeping Bedbugs Out Of Your Home After Experiencing An Outbreak Elsewhere

If you decide to travel and need to sleep in a bed other than your own, and you discover that bedbugs were present during your stay, you are likely to be worried about bringing them home with you. Bedbugs are extremely difficult to eradicate once they make their way into a home. Here are steps to take to ensure your home does not become infested with bedbugs if you believe you had been exposed to them while traveling.

Make Sure To Bathe Before Your Return

Before you get into your vehicle to head home, it is extremely important that you take the time to shower or take a bath before your trip. This will aid in the removal of any bedbugs that may have become attached to your body or hair strands. Be sure to inspect your body for the presence of red, raised bumps, as these could be an indication that you have been bitten by bedbugs during your trip. If you do have these welts, it is best to seek treatment from a physician. 

Prepare Your Vehicle If Necessary

Before you get into a vehicle to travel home, you need to safeguard the interior so that if bedbugs are among your belongings, they do not make their way into the carpeting or seating areas. Use large trash bags to contain any suitcases or personal belongings you had brought on your trip with you. This will keep bedbugs contained while you drive.

Take Precautions With All Of Your Belongings

Do not bring any of your belongings into your home upon your arrival. Instead, keep trash bags with your contained items inside your garage, shed, or porch area. Do not open the bags for several weeks. This may be inconvenient, but it would be a bigger problem if you had brought harbored bedbugs into your living space. When a few weeks have passed, immediately bring any clothing to your washing machine for laundering. The containment of the clothing articles will have killed bed bugs if they were inside the bag, as there was no oxygen present for them to breathe.

Contact A Pest Control Service As Needed

If you are wary about the transport of bedbugs and are fearful that they may make their way inside of your home, do not hesitate to contact a professional pest control service in your area. The workers sent to your home will check for signs of a problem and use pest control agents to kill any bedbugs that happened to get inside of your structure.

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