Pesky Pests That Enter Your Home through the Chimney

Chimneys do a great job of allowing hazardous gases to escape from your fireplace and keeping your home warm and cozy, but did you know that they can also be entry points for pests? Birds, mice, squirrels, bats, and even raccoons can easily make their way inside, causing damage to your home's structure and endangering your family's health. Here are five pests that can enter your home through your chimney and what you can do to keep them out. Read More 

How Does Regular Lawn Fertilization Keep Weeds Out Of Your Yard?

If you're struggling to keep weeds from growing in your yard, fertilizing your lawn can help. Lawn fertilizer contains ample amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, which are all elements that grass needs to grow quickly and remain healthy. Fertilizing your lawn regularly and strengthening your grass helps it out-compete weeds that try to sprout on your lawn, reducing the number that you'll see in your yard. To learn how regular lawn fertilization helps keep weeds out of your yard, read on. Read More 

How To Control Carpenter Ants In Your Home

Carpenter ants are a large breed of ants. They are usually black in color and frequently are seen on trees or other wooden structures. If you see them close to your home though, it may be because they are finding water or moisture-damaged wood and have been chewing through it for their nesting. Carpenter ants do not eat the wood but rather use the rotten wood to burrow through and make their homes. Read More 

2 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional To Deal With Your Home’s Rodent Problem

When mice and/or rats invade your house, they can cause massive destruction as they chew through the walls, damage wiring, and destroy your possessions. They can also pose a health hazard since their droppings can contaminate your food, and the lice, mites, and fleas they carry can spread diseases.  While there are traps and poisons you can purchase in stores to deal with your unwanted guests, these methods often do not work. Read More 

5 Ways To Keep Mosquitoes From Biting You This Summer

If you live in a zone where mosquitoes prowl the air in summer, winter can bring some much needed respite. But spring sees the reemergence of mosquitoes. As early as February in some places, mosquitoes begin to terrorize homeowners all across America. If you have had issues with mosquitoes in the past, spring is a good time to start planning how best to deal with the incoming waves of mosquitoes.  Read More