5 Ways To Keep Mosquitoes From Biting You This Summer

If you live in a zone where mosquitoes prowl the air in summer, winter can bring some much needed respite. But spring sees the reemergence of mosquitoes. As early as February in some places, mosquitoes begin to terrorize homeowners all across America. If you have had issues with mosquitoes in the past, spring is a good time to start planning how best to deal with the incoming waves of mosquitoes. 

Mosquitoes can make spending time in your yard or garden uncomfortable. If you want to ensure that mosquitoes don't ruin your yard time this summer, keep the following tips in mind. 

1. Remove mosquito hiding places

Mosquitoes hide from the sun during the day. The sun dries mosquitoes out, so they lurk in shadowed and sheltered areas until sunset. Lush vegetation provides some of the best cover for mosquitoes. Trim back your bushes and plants as much as you can to deprive mosquitoes of their favored hiding spots. Eliminate any objects that might provide shelter for mosquitoes from your yard.

2. Remove standing water after rain

Mosquitoes need pools of standing water in order to lay their eggs. After rain, patrol your property and look for any areas that have collected pools of water. Check your gutters, plant pots, and other objects that might become a vessel for rainwater. Remove standing water immediately after rain to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your yard.

3. Use wind to stop mosquitoes from flying

Mosquitoes can't fly very well. This is why you can usually avoid mosquito bites if it's windy outside. If mosquitoes are plaguing your area, try to spend time outdoors on windy days. Or you can use fans to create a windy zone that mosquitoes cannot penetrate during your time outdoors.

4. Stay in sunny areas when outside

The sun dehydrates mosquitoes, so mosquitoes tend to avoid areas in direct sunlight. If you plan to spend time in your yard, find an area that is in direct sunlight.

5. Have a pest control service treat your home

Spring is the time to take preventative measures against mosquitoes. Hire a pest control service in spring and they can examine your home and help you determine how and where mosquitoes are breeding and spreading on your property. A pest control service can also spray your home in spring to remove mosquitoes and provide protection against further infestations.

These tips should help you to combat mosquitoes this coming summer. And to ensure that your property doesn't provide the ideal conditions for breeding mosquitoes, hire a pest controller to examine and treat your property.

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