How To Control Carpenter Ants In Your Home

Carpenter ants are a large breed of ants. They are usually black in color and frequently are seen on trees or other wooden structures. If you see them close to your home though, it may be because they are finding water or moisture-damaged wood and have been chewing through it for their nesting. Carpenter ants do not eat the wood but rather use the rotten wood to burrow through and make their homes. If you have carpenter ants, they can cause quite a bit of damage to the structure and need to be exterminated. Read on for some exterminating tips. 

Spray The Affected Area

Spray the affected area thoroughly to kill any of the pests that you have still lingering around your home. These pests don't typically leave on their own unless they are no longer finding what suits them. Usually they, along with their colony, will stay for a very long time until exterminated. Spray the area with a pesticide that is made to kill these types of pests. Use the pesticide according to the manufacturer's instructions, spraying the entire affected area where you have seen the damage caused by these pests, and the actual pests themselves.

Remove The Damage

You should also remove any damage that has been caused by these pests. Remove the damaged wood and any wood that has been infested by these pests. The damaged wood is moisture damaged, so you should have it removed from your home anyway to prevent mold and mildew growth. Remove any and all damaged areas to help get rid of and prevent these ants from returning to your home.

Make Repairs To Your Home

You need to make necessary repairs to your home to get prevent any further water or moisture damage to your home, which can cause damage again to the wood in your home and lead to a pest problem in the future. Make repairs to leaky faucets, leaky pipes, or leaks from other areas, such as gutters or your roof. If you have a leak, water can easily get into your home and cause all types of damage, including damage from pests. Make repairs to your home to prevent a future problem.

If you have carpenter ants, they are more than likely lured there because of a moisture issue. These pests prefer moisture-damaged wood, so if you have these pests, more than likely you have this type of damage to your home. Find the ants, find the damage, and make the necessary repairs to help you exterminate these pests. Hire a pest control professional to help you with all of these things, like San Juan Pest Control.