Getting A Skunk To Vacate Your Porch Area

If you have noticed a skunk near your porch, and you have a spot underneath your porch that you suspect the animal is using as a home, you will want to take action to rid the area of the creature so you do not become sprayed and so property damage does not occur. Here are some steps to follow in an attempt to get the skunk to move on to a new location.

Observe The Skunk To Determine Habits

If possible, keep a watchful eye on the porch and make a notation of the times of day when you notice the skunk is out and about. Skunks tend to wander around in the nighttime hours, so be observant after the sun goes down. Once you have determined when the skunk is not holed up underneath your porch, you will know when to take action in securing the area so the skunk is unable to gain access to the area in the future.

Blockade The Area Under Your Porch

If your porch has lattice or wire secured to the underside of the floor, it likely needs repair work so the skunk can no longer access the area. Check for damages and fix them as needed. If the porch is open, consider filling in the open spot underneath with cinderblocks, at least temporarily, until the skunk is no longer an issue. 

Take Away Any Attractions From Your Property

A skunk will venture away from a spot where it is unable to obtain water or food. Check that your garbage cans are kept secure in an indoor location until they are picked up and that the lids are on top of them tightly. Remove pet food bowls from outdoor areas as soon as pets have finished meals. Cover any water sources, such as birdbaths or ponds, during the nighttime hours. 

Consider Contacting A Professional For Help

If you are wary about the skunk's presence and do not wish to wait for it to leave, you have the option to contact a skunk removal service in your area. A wildlife removal worker will come to your home to assess the area the skunk has been using and will make recommendations regarding its capture and relocation. This usually involves the use of nonthreatening cage traps placed in the vicinity of the porch. The removal service will then bring the skunk to a safe location where it can make itself a new home.

Contact a local wildlife removal service for more information on skunk removal