Tips For Sod Webworm Pest Control When The Pests Make Brown Spots On Your Lawn

If your grass has brown spots, especially toward the end of summer, the problem might be sod webworms. In addition to brown spots, you might see webbing or moths flying over the surface of the grass in the evening. Sod webworms can be problems in the spring and early summer too, but they seem to be worse as summer wears on. Here's a look at sod webworm pest control measures that help you eliminate these pests in your grass.

Improve The Health Of Your Grass

If you keep your grass healthy, you might keep a light infestation from turning into something more serious. Practice proper mowing, fertilizing, and weed control all season. Also, water your lawn to prevent drought conditions that allow the webworms to thrive. Follow your local regulations when it comes to watering your lawn, and try to keep your grass hydrated as much as possible.

Have Insecticide Treatments Applied

A pest control company can apply an insecticide treatment to kill the sod webworms. You may need to prep your yard first. This might entail cutting the grass and catching the clippings so the insecticide can reach the pests. You might also need to water your lawn before the insecticide is applied so the webworms are driven to the surface of your lawn.

Sod webworm pest control can be achieved with a variety of products so your pest control professional might leave chemical insecticides for last. They might try soap solutions, bacterial options, biological control, or botanical insecticides to see if they can get good results. These options are mild on the environment and may be sufficient for your infestation. If not, the pest control professional might use liquid or granular insecticide.

The lawn treatments may be applied in the evening since that's when the pests are the most active. You might have further instructions for watering your lawn after the insecticide application. The sooner you seek treatment from a pest control professional, the easier the webworms are to control. Also, the healthier your grass is, the more difficult it is for the worms to harm it and gain a foothold in your yard.

When you see brown spots on your lawn, get on your hands and knees so you can see the grass up close. If your lawn has a sod webworm problem, you'll see the worms or signs of their activity. Even if you don't recognize what the pests are, knowing pests are responsible for your damaged lawn is reason enough to call a sod webworm pest control company for help before a large part of your lawn is destroyed.