A Few Options for Getting Rid of Rats in Your Home

While having any type of pest invade your home is troublesome, rat invasion can be especially worrisome. When the invaders are rats, there will be more damage, a higher risk of disease, and possibly more fear. One of the biggest issues of having a rat problem the difficulty in realizing there is a problem. Quite often rats hide in places you do not frequent often. They may hide in the rafters of the roofing or perhaps deep in some boxes in storage. Hearing the rats is commonly the first indication you have pests. As soon as you hear critters skittering or gnawing on something, go and investigate.

While you might not see what it is because they hear you coming and get out of the area, you are sure to see their droppings. Upon further inspection, you will notice their chew marks on some wood or plastic. As soon as you find evidence of rats, you need to begin measures to get rid of them. Here are the three most common methods to choose from.


You can choose to purchase large rat traps that will kill the rodent immediately or live traps that will allow you to take them out of the house and someplace far enough to not get right back inside. However, traps will require you to either handle a dead rat or deal with a live one in a cage until you release it. If you aren't prepared to do either of these, you should consider a different method to get rid of them.


There are a number of rat poisons available that will be sure to eradicate your problem. Some come in a container that will prevent children or larger pets from getting into the chemicals. However, you will still have to deal with dead rats. In fact, if your pet decides to play with or eat the dead rodent; it is probably going to mean an emergency trip to the vet. 


Using an exterminator is probably the safest way to get rid of a rat problem. In addition to treating the property to eliminate the rodents, they will also inspect your home and seal up all areas where the rats might be getting inside. They can also look for nests and take care of any babies before they grow up and start multiplying.

Rats are not like roaches or even mice when it comes to having them in your home. They are much more dangerous and it can be difficult to dispose of any dead bodies. Contact a company that performs rat removal services, such as 1st Solution Pest Control, to make sure all the rats are removed and won't be coming back.