3 Tips For Keeping Your House Bug Free

Many homeowners wonder what they can do to keep bugs away from their house. It can be terrible to live in a home where bugs have nested. Even after killing one bug, another appears. This is why it is important to have professional services come and help to eradicate the problem fully. Here are some things that you can do to fully rid your house of bugs.

1. Better Seal The Doors and Windows

One thing that many homeowners fail to do is properly seal their doors and windows. In many cases bugs are getting into your house through gaps in the doors and windows. Gaps that you may not even notice, because they are so small, are letting in bugs every single day. When your house was first built the builder put a good deal of weather stripping around the doors that helps to seal the air inside when it is closed. It also acts as a barrier against the bugs. However, over time as the door opens and closes it causes the weather stripping to wear down so it doesn't seal as well. Replacing this stripping is relatively cheap, and can make a huge difference in the bug problems.

Additionally, old windows, or windows that are not installed correctly can also cause the window case and the window to have a gap leaving it open to a bug infestation.

2. Spray The Yard

Many people mistakenly think that because they sprayed the inside of their house that they shouldn't have a problem. However, what they don't realize is that the bugs are breeding somewhere outside. If there are bugs in your yard, it is only a matter of time till they make it into your house. This is why you should always have the yard and surrounding areas sprayed as well as indoor.

3. Get Treatments Year Round

Lastly, don't make the mistake of thinking that bugs are only a problem in the summer. You might notice them more in the summer because the eggs have hatched, but there is a good chance that bugs have nested in your house in the winter and are waiting to invest your house when the weather heats up. This is why you should have professionals spray your house every couple months, at least in every season, to prevent the bugs from ever nesting in your home. A good spray in the Winter and Spring will mean no bugs in the summer.  

By doing these things you can protect your house from bugs. Call a pest service, like E & R Exterminating Company, Inc., for more help.