Commercial Pest Control Services Are Essential When You Operate A Business That Deals With The Public

Commercial pest control services are essential when you operate a business of any kind, and especially if you make, sell, or serve food. Even if your business doesn't handle food, your employees probably eat in the building and leave crumbs and trash behind that can attract roaches and rodents. Here are some ways to control pests in a commercial setting. Scheduled Treatments Help With Prevention Scheduled pest control treatments are important to prevent pests. Read More 

Pre-Treatment For Termites? Pest Control Information For New Construction

With the cost of lumber and other building materials continuing to rise, budgets for building new homes are under pressure. This can lead some builders and property owners to adjust plans and cut out steps that they consider unnecessary. While some of these cuts are unlikely to cause future problems, such as minor changes in finishes, decisions to omit site pre-treatment for termites should never be entertained.  Why is pre-treatment necessary for new construction? Read More