Prepare Your Home To Protect Against Spring Pests: What You Need To Do Now

Spring is going to be here before you know it and along with the warm sun and air is going to be pests. The pests in your yard are going to awake with the flowers, grass, and trees all around you, and before you know it, it's going to be that yearly battle of you against the ants. Other pests may be in abundance as well, but it's those pesky ants that are going to want to get into your home and start finding food. Don't let them into your house, and be prepared ahead of time so you don't have to endure the battle again. Read on for some helpful information about what you can do now to prevent these pests.

Spring Clean Your Exterior 

Do a little spring cleaning outside your home. Those flower beds you didn't really do anything with last fall that have overgrowth and dead plants are the perfect cover that these ants have been using to protect themselves from the cold. Dig these plants out now and remove all of the deceased growth. Remove all of the dead leaves and other overgrowths that don't belong there and do a good spring cleaning to free up those flower beds. The dead overgrowth can be used for the ants to use as protection, and possibly food as well. Other pests may also be using this material for their own purposes, so it's best to remove it all. If you have other piles of landscaping or debris that don't belong in your yard, remove it as well. Piles of rubbish or just piles that you've made as a storage area should also be cleaned up.

Spray Some Preventative Pesticide

You may not have seen any of the ants just yet, but that doesn't mean they aren't about to make their appearance. Do a preventative spray around the perimeter of your yard to prevent these pests from invading your home. You can use a granular pesticide as well around the perimeter of your home. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on either type of pesticide to ensure you are using it properly so it is effective against these and other pests.

Keep Your Interior Tidy

Be sure you are vacuuming often and removing crumbs and other debris from your cooking space to prevent these pests from finding food inside your home. Once they awaken, they are going to be foraging for food, which means they may want to come inside for your food. Don't give them anything that they are going to find appealing, clean your home thoroughly and often. Spring clean your interior to remove as much clutter as possible, so if you do have these pests, they will be easy to get rid of.

If you usually have to battle pests such as ants in the spring months, get ready for them beforehand and protect your home. Call a pest control company to help you get rid of these pests if you do end up with an issue again.