Starting A New Business? 2 Things To Do Before You Open

If you are starting a new business and have just purchased your building, there are things you should do before you open. This will help give you a great start so you can have a successful business. Keep reading for two tips to help you.

Hire a Commercial Pest Control Company

Hire a commercial pest control company to come to your business. They can do a thorough inspection to determine if you have any pests. This may be true if your building is older or if the previous tenant did no pest control maintenance. There may be termites that you are not aware of. If so, they eat wood and can cause a lot of structural damage if you have a lot of them. 

There may be rodents in the building, such as in the attic or running around. These include mice and rats. If the pest control company determines you have rodents, they will set up traps and use other measures to get them out of your building. Cockroaches are another pest that can get into commercial buildings, as well as spiders, crickets, and beetles. 

Hire the commercial pest control company to come to your building regularly to prevent pests from coming back. This may be once a week or monthly. Most pest control companies can come when you are closed so they will not disrupt your business. 

Install a Security System

If the building has no security, you should install a security system. This not only keeps you and your employees safe but will also prevent damage to items inside your building. There are many types of security systems you can choose from. One is the standard system that is connected to a security company. If someone breaks in, the security company is notified and authorities are sent to your building.

Along with this, install security lights in front of your building. This way the lights will automatically come on when someone tries to break in. This may cause the person to leave quickly, as they will be easily seen. 

Security cameras can be installed outside and inside your property. These are beneficial to catch someone doing damage or breaking in, and police can use the images from the cameras to help them make arrests. 

Along with pest control and a security system, do building maintenance, such as have the building interior cleaned, replace the roof or windows if needed, and more.