Ideas For Year-Round Goose Control When You Have Too Many Destructive Geese On Your Property

Some geese migrate and are nuisances at certain times of the year when their numbers swell. Other geese tend to stay put all year. While geese can be fun to watch and feed, when they live on your property, they can be destructive. Geese can even be aggressive and chase you or your pets. So, even though you may like the birds, you may want them gone from your property. Here are some tips for year-round goose control.

Don't Feed The Geese

It's probably tempting to feed the geese at first, but if the birds have an easy source of food, they'll hang around and let you feed them. Then, their numbers will grow. Feeding the geese may not be healthy for them either, especially if you feed them food scraps. It's best to let geese find their own food so they stay healthy and so their numbers are kept under control.

Alter Their Habitat

Geese prefer grassy areas where the grass is short. If the geese are hanging out in your pond, consider letting the grass grow tall on the pond bank and perimeter. You can also buy goose repellent to put on your grass. The chemicals don't hurt the geese, and the products are environmentally friendly. The chemicals make the grass taste unpleasant, and this might encourage the geese to move elsewhere.

Making their living area unpleasant is a good way to implement year-round goose control since new geese won't want to settle in an area with a habitat they don't like.

Work With An Animal Removal Professional

You'll need to comply with local and federal laws when you try to remove geese. You may want to bring in a professional who is familiar with the laws so you don't accidentally do something that could get you in trouble. Plus, the pest control professional will have methods for year-round goose control that include trapping or harassing. Geese that are trapped can't be relocated because they just come back. Instead, your state may require that the geese be slaughtered for meat, and you might have to foot the bill yourself.

For that reason, you may prefer harassing the geese in a legal way that doesn't hurt them. This might include chasing the geese or using noisemakers. A pest control professional can help with harassment techniques using a variety of methods that might include using trained dogs. Some methods of removal and harassment might need a permit.

A pest control professional may even try giving the geese drugs in their food that keep their eggs from hatching so the population is kept under control. These drugs can only be used by professionals and a permit is required. However, geese live a long time so you'll still have to put up with the older geese or find a way to drive them away.

Contact a goose control business, such as Goose Masters, for more information.