How Often Does Your Home Require Pest Control?

Pests have different prime times, including summer, spring, and fall. Some of them also thrive during the winter. No matter the season, pests always look for a place to live, feed, and mate. Thus, it's crucial to request pest control services based on certain factors. Learn about how often your home needs pest control services.

Extent of Infestation

Severe pest invasion means that you need regular fumigation. You might need to work with experts who can eliminate insects or rodents. Also, some pests, such as bed bugs, are excellent at hiding. Therefore, you need professionals who can eradicate the insects and their eggs. This way, your home can be free from all sorts of pests.

If your home is heavily infested, you might require pest control more often. The exercise will include follow-up inspections to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. Here are methods that experts use to eradicate pests:

  • Fumigation
  • Heat treatment
  • Chemical sprays
  • Poisoned bait
  • Fogging

Your Location

If you live in a warm and humid zone, you might need pest control frequently. Pests love that kind of weather since it's perfect for breeding and surviving. Residents in tropical climates are at a higher risk of pest invasion. On that account, you can request exterminators to inspect your home at least once a month.

Besides that, your residence will be prone to insects and rodents if you live close to the wooded areas, water bodies, and grassy fields. Thus, a professional can treat your outdoor space to mitigate this risk. In addition, seal your windows and doors to prevent an invasion. Bear in mind that pests travel in groups. When you spot one of them, know that you are experiencing an infestation.

Cold areas are also risky since pests will be looking for warm shelter in your house. Thus, pest control is necessary every few months to eliminate any signs of insects or rodents.

Look Out for the Signs 

Besides your location, you can always look out for warning signs that indicate a pest infestation. If you notice the following, alert a pest control company immediately:

  • Droppings 
  • Nesting evidence
  • Damage to structures
  • Damage to the lawn
  • Dead insects
  • Strange noises

Different pests present various indicators that they have established a home in your residence. Termites, for instance, will have chewing or banging noises. Rats make squeaking and rattling sounds when feeding. Once you realize these peculiar sounds, especially at night, you need professional help immediately. 

For more information, contact a pest control service, such as Skeeter Beater.