Why Do I Need Professional Termite Control?

Owning a property comes with unique responsibilities, like protecting it from threats. But when you think about threats, it's likely your mind automatically shifts to thieves, burglars, fires, and floods. A termite infestation is probably one of your least worries, yet it can cause significant damage to your property and lead to costly repairs.

Keep on reading to learn why every residential and commercial property needs professional help for termite control

Termite Infestations Often Go Unnoticed 

Subterranean termites have to stay in contact with moisture-rich soil to survive. As a result, they like to build their colonies deep in the soil, especially under houses. Other times, you'll find them inside walls. Since these areas are out of your sight, a termite infestation can go on for years without your knowledge. In most cases, it takes a professional eye to notice a termite infestation. 

Professional termite exterminators are trained to spot signs of termite activity. They'll inspect your property, including those hard-to-reach areas you never thought termites would stay. This allows them to catch and eliminate any termite infestation in its early stages.

Termites Can Cause Massive Damage

Most pests will invade your property to feed on your food supplies. With effective kitchen organization and housekeeping, you can cut down on their food supply. With termites, it's different as they primarily feed on wood and moisture. They can eat away many parts of your house, including the foundation, doors, flooring, window frames, walls, and furniture items. 

Worst of all, most people notice termite infestation through secondary damage, like uneven flooring and wall cracks. By this time, the damage is already at a serious level, and you have to spend a lot of money on repairs. The key to avoiding termite damage is to be proactive. With early detection of a termite problem, professional exterminators can eliminate all termites, right from the root source, to prevent any damage from happening. 

DIY Home Remedies Don't Work on Termites

You have probably seen many insecticides being sold in stores. While their manufacturers will promise excellent and fast results, most of them don't work with termites. Since termites build their structures underground or within walls, it's almost impossible to reach these areas using a normal spray. Besides, most insecticides are made up of flammable ingredients, making them unsafe for your home. 

To eliminate termites from your property, you need to exterminate an entire colony, which may involve digging deep into their holes. Luckily, professional termite exterminators have tools and equipment to spot activity signs, identify the damage, and eliminate the entire infestation. They'll also use appropriate treatments that cannot harm you or your loved ones.