How to Spot Signs of Pests in Your Yard

For many homeowners, spotting pests in the first place is the biggest problem. Even a few pests can be destructive and damaging for your property. Insects like mealy bugs, caterpillars, mites, and aphids can all destroy your garden.

Do you think your yard might be at risk? Now is a great time to take action. Look for these common signs that your yard is at risk.

Look at Unhealthy Leaves

Common signs of pests in your garden include holes in leaves, curling leaves, and other changes that indicate you may have pests in the garden. If your plants look unhealthy, there is likely a reason. That reason could be pests that damage your garden, eating the fruits of your labor, and leaving your flowers a mess.

Check Out Slime Trails

Slugs and snails leave behind trails of slime. You should notice a slimy appearance on the leaves and plants in your garden, but you might also see the trails on sidewalks near your yard. It's not just slime either. Sticky, sappy substances can also indicate that you have other insects. If you notice a sap-like syrup on your leaves, they could be the traces of other pests eating your plants.

Dust Developing on Plants

Do you notice dust appearing on plants? The dust might have the consistency of sawdust, and it can be a sign that something is eating your plants. They could be leaving this dust behind as waste.

Completely Destroyed Plants

Destruction of plants could indicate that you have pests, especially if that destruction happens seemingly overnight. Japanese beetles are a common pest that could lead to this issue. If this is the case, you might have a beautiful garden on Friday and a garden that is completely wiped out by Sunday. It can happen quite quickly, which makes pest control services all the more important.

Examine Mounds

Mounds may form in your garden, indicating that you have termites, fire ants, or something else that could mean destruction for your yard. These piles can also indicate gophers and other underground pests.

Contact a Pest Control Company

Pest control companies can take a look at your garden or yard to look for pests. If you notice any of these signs of a pest infestation, get help right away. A professional can help you determine what steps you need to take to treat your yard and get it back to normal in no time.