4 Tips To Use To Keep Roaches Out Of Your Beach Vacation Rental

Most people who are seeking a place to stay during a vacation or getaway are not going to be too pleased if they check in at a condo or beach vacation rental and find out that roaches are already living on the property. When you own a vacation rental on the beach, combatting pest issues is something that should be a top concern because it directly affects how easy it is to make guests comfortable. Roaches tend to love any human dwelling, but those on the beach that are used for vacation purposes can be even more alluring. Here is a look a some of the tips you can use to keep roaches out of your vacation rental. 

1. Require guests to get rid of trash and food before they leave. 

Roaches can make a food source out of about anything, but if there is left-behind trash or food hanging around a rental when a guest leaves, it will make the place even more attractive to roaches. By simply including a rule that all guests must get rid of their own trash and food upon checkout, you can partially eliminate some of the allure the property will have for the roaches. 

2. Go with preventative pest control to really stay in control. 

The best way to deal with roaches (and a lot of other pests) is to be proactive about preventative care. Work with a good cockroach control company to treat the perimeter of the property periodically and take other measures to thwart issues with roaches. 

3. Make sure the property is well-sealed from the outdoors. 

Cockroaches are well-known travelers. They have no qualms about packing up their crew and traipsing off to another location in search of shelter and an easy food source. Therefore, if your beach vacation rental is situated among several other properties, a bug problem at one place could easily lead to a bug problem at your place. Go through the process of sealing off any access points, and bring in a cockroach control expert to help. 

4. Make sure your cleaning staff is looking for signs of roaches. 

If you have someone who goes in and cleans the rental after every visit, make sure they know how to properly check for roach problems while in the dwelling. Staff members should be checking in cabinetry, under the refrigerator, and in other dark places where bugs hide. Having these frequent checks means it is far less likely that a cockroach issue will go unnoticed.

To learn more, contact a roach control company.