The Ants Come Marching Two By Two: How To Keep The Pests Away This Summer

The same thing happens every summer. The weather warms up and the ants invade your home. This year, you're going to be prepared for the onslaught. In fact, you're going to be prepared to avoid the onslaught of ant activity altogether. By following the simple tips provided below, you can stop ants in their tracks so you can enjoy your summer.

Keep the Crumbs to a Minimum

When it comes to ants, they're going to be attracted to anything they can eat, including those tiny crumbs on your counters and floors. The best way to keep ants away is to keep crumbs to a minimum. Start by sweeping your kitchen floor several times a day. Keeping your floors free of crumbs will help prevent the infestation. When sweeping the kitchen floor, be sure to get along the sides of your refrigerator and along the edges of your cabinets. It's also a good idea to vacuum your carpets at least once a day, as well. Crumbs in your carpet fibers can attract ants too.

Avoid Leaving Food on the Counters

If you're in the habit of leaving food out on the counters, or in the sink, it's a good idea to change your habits. This is particularly important during the summer months. You might not realize this, but leaving food out on your counters is a sure-fire way to attract ants. In fact, it only takes a few minutes for ants to pick up the scent and make a beeline for your counters. Putting your food away, instead of leaving it out on the counters, will help keep ants away. It's also a good idea to rinse off dirty dishes and place them in the dishwasher as soon as possible after each meal.

Tighten Your Outdoor Faucets

If you want to keep ants out of your yard, you need to tighten all those outdoor faucets. Ants are attracted to moisture, which means leaky faucets will be the perfect target for ant activity. Monitor your outside faucets all summer long, and repair leaks as soon as you can. You can also help keep ants away by planting mint around your faucets. Ants are repelled by the scent of fresh mint.

Invest in a Pest Control Service

Now that summer is just about here, you're going to need a good pest control service. There are things you can do to help keep pests away, but to truly get a handle on all summer pest problems, you're going to need professional help. Hiring an exterminator for the summer will keep everything from ants to roaches away from your home. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Be There Pest Control.