Six Ways To Avoid Attracting Mice To Your Home

Mice may be small, but they can be a real pain to get rid of once they settle into your home. They breed like rabbits -- a pair of mice can turn into hundreds in a matter of months! It's a lot easier to keep mice away than to get rid of them. Here are six simple rodent control tips to do just that.

Seal holes and cracks.

Caulk any cracks along your windows, and have any foundation cracks filled in with concrete, too. Mice can squeeze into tiny spaces, especially when they are young, so never assume a crack is too small to matter.

Put your food in sealed containers.

Instead of keeping your food in the cardboard boxes that it is sold in, put it in sealed glass or thick plastic containers once you buy it. Not only will your kitchen look more tidy, but the mice won't be able to chew through these containers. They can chew right through a cardboard box, and they can smell food through it, too. 

Watch your insulation.

Insulation can make great bedding for mice. They especially enjoy insulation that has become damp and therefore has developed a musty, moldy odor. So, make sure you fix roof leaks promptly so your insulation stays dry. If your attic is not well ventilated, your insulation might become damp from condensation -- so have an extra vent added.

Move brush away from your foundation.

Is there tree debris or brush pushed up against your home's foundation? The debris may become a nesting grounds for mice, and once they nest right next to your home, they do not have to move far to get inside your home. 

Pick pet food up at night.

Leaving food down at all hours may be a convenient way to feed your dog or cat, but it's also a convenient way to feed mice, who happen to love dog and cat food. Instead of leaving food down all of the time, pick it up in the evening when the mice are most active.

Check your weatherstripping.

The weatherstripping along the bottoms of doors is designed to keep cold air from coming inside. However, it also keeps mice and other pests from coming inside. If your weatherstripping is peeling or breaking away from the door, replace the weatherstripping. You can buy new weatherstripping at most hardware stores, and it can be installed with a screwdriver and a knife.