How To Get Rid Of Lizards Around Your Home With Pest Control Services

If you are afraid of lizards, then you don't want them hanging around your house. Lizards need food and shelter for survival. They are mainly insectivores, but can eat fruits and plants.

Lizards enjoy hanging around your doors, windows and the side of the house. You should not let these critters keep you trapped in your home.  Read on to find out how to get rid of lizards around your home with residential pest control services.

Spray Around Your House

It helps to call in pest control and have them inspect around your home. They can tell you the type of infestation and how to get rid of the problem. Your exterminator may choose to use repellent spray or granules. However, there are several ways to get rid of lizards. If the critters get loose inside of your home, then pest control can set traps to catch them.

Get Rid Of Food Source

If lizards are hanging around your home, then you must have a good insect supply. You will need to get rid of the insects to get rid of the lizards. Pest control services will need to spray the foundation and buildings around your property. The spray will knockdown any flying or crawling insects.

Do Not Leave Out Food

It helps to not leave food laying around. Lizards are tempted by sweets and high-calorie food. They also come near your house or try to get inside when in search of water. You can get the lizard's attention by putting down some water away from your house.

Keep A Spray Bottle Handy

If you want to work outside, then you should keep a spray bottle with cold water handy. Lizards do not like cold water. Squirting water at the critter will make it move along with quickness. This method is an easy solution and a humane way to get rid of lizards.

If you get a lizard in your house, then you should get someone to catch it with a dome-shaped container. After catching the critter, the person can take the lizard outside and release it.

Shelter is something else that attract lizards. It helps to remove any debris and clutter that is around your house. If you have mulch and rocks, then you want to move these items back from your house. These things allow the critters to hide.

Lizards enjoy warm weather. It helps to prepare in advance by having pest control to come out during the spring.