Did Your New Home Come With Uninvited Guests? 3 Steps Toward Getting A Pest Infestation Under Control

When you first bought your home, you knew that it would take a little work. Looking back, you can even remember seeing a few signs of past pest invasions such as rodent droppings in the corners of the pantry. However, you never dreamed that you would be dealing with an infestation so bad that it required residential pest control services right away. Unfortunately, infestations quickly escalate, but you can get your house's pest issue under control by using these strategies.

Identify What Types of Pests You Are Dealing With

It is common to discover that a house has multiple types of pests residing within its walls, especially if your house is a fixer upper or was vacant for a long period of time. For this reason, it is important to begin your attack plan with a home pest control inspection. During the inspection, a professional will assess your house for potential entry points while identifying each pest so that the appropriate elimination strategies are used.

Implement Effective Removal Strategies

Residential pest control is most effective when several strategies are combined. For instance, you can do things such as keep food and water sources cleaned up while your home pest control technician applies chemical treatments or places traps to remove pests from your home. As you explore strategies for pest removal, be cautious about using DIY methods since the wrong ones can make the problem worse. For instance, using the wrong spray on ants or roaches can often cause them to scatter and set up new colonies and nests within multiple areas of your home.

Create a Prevention and Maintenance Plan

Once you have cleared the main infestation, you want to make sure that the problem never happens again. For this reason, home pest control services should be completed each season. Usually, this will simply involve conducting an investigation to check for new pests as well as applying residual sprays to keep pests from trying to enter your house as the temperatures change.

Dealing with uninvited housemates is not the best way to start your new life in a brand new house. While just the thought of a spider or rodent in your house is enough to give you shivers, the truth is that these issues affect almost everyone at some point in life. By knowing how to quickly identify the size and scope of your house's infestation, you can look forward to having them removed so that you can get back to enjoying your new property.