Eliminating Bats From Your Home’s Attic

If you recently saw bats scooting through cracks near your attic window, you are most likely concerned about their presence within your home. Since bats carry disease, it is extremely important to remove them from the home as soon as you possibly can. Here are some of the steps you can take to get bats to vacate your home without causing them any type of injury in the process.

Find The Point Of Entry Location

It is necessary to find out exactly how bats are getting into your home so you can effectively seal off the area during the nighttime hours so additional bats do not get inside. Get up on a ladder and do an assessment of your siding, roofing, and windows to search for any spots where bats are able to get inside. You may notice bat waste near the area where they are using to get inside of your home. 

Make A Few Purchases In Preparation 

Consider investing in a bat house to place upon your property. As you conduct the process of trying to get bats to vacate your attic, the bats will be looking for somewhere new to roost. Providing them with a ready-to-use home will make it more likely they will vacate your attic without difficulty. In addition to a bat home, purchase a way to block the point of entry temporarily. This can be a piece of plastic, wood, or netting. It will need to be easy to remove and replace during this process.

Know When To Expose The Void

Bats will be likely to vacate your attic when it becomes dusk each day so they can forage for food. Keep the crack you had discovered free from obstruction during this time so as many bats as possible will leave your attic. After it is completely dark outdoors, get up on the ladder with aid from a friend and a flashlight. Cover the void so the bats will not be able to get back inside of the home. The covering will need to be removed again the subsequent evening. This procedure can be repeated for several days in a row so any bats remaining in your attic will have a chance to leave each evening. After you do an assessment of your attic to determine all bats are gone, you can repair the crack in the side of your home so bats do not return in the future.

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